inspired by the hot summer sun and the wonder years 

songs of the summer are symbols of simpler times. simpler people. a simpler me. my mind often ventures off to those times where i was so happy and i don’t understand how that was not that long ago but such a lifetime ago all the same. i haven’t been happy like that in months. it was so fleeting. so fast. the happiness. it was there and then it wasn’t. if i felt it now im not sure id even recognize it. i guess that’s what’s so beautiful about being happy; how rare and sparkling it feels. the sun makes it easy to fall in love without thinking of the consequences. it shines all day then it sets and to remind you that not everything lasts forever but you should dive in anyways. dive into the salt water ocean or small town lake and take a chance. love. tread the water and swim around a while. don’t let it go. hold onto it. the summer air makes it so easy to stay around the fire until midnight when you have a 5 am shift in the morning and it makes it easy to say yes when he asks you to take the back roads home. it makes it easy to sneak in the door at 8 am with messy hair, still half drunk and talking to your mom in the morning. i gave the summer my all and it left me with nothing. i gave you my all and now im nothing. and i can’t say I regret even a second of it. 


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